an integrated solution for capturing and manipulating digital video images

MEDMONT DV2000 Digital Imaging

Advanced Image/Video Capture

The Medmont DV2000 orivudes an integrated solution for capturing and manipulating digital video images from a range of clinical instruments. Capture and store images as single exam, sequence of exams or a video sequence.


  • Video Slit Lamp
  • Retinal Imaging

Supported Cameras

  • RGB, S-Video and Composite CCD Cameras
  • Nikon High Resolution Digital Camera

Fully Configurable Capture Sources

DV2000 supports multiple capture boards. Each capture board can be configured for multiple instruments, eg. S-Video input for slit lamp and Composite Video for retinal camera, as a different capture source.

DV2000 currently supports these Industry Standard video capture cards:

  • Leutron Vision Pic Port Color
  • Flashbus MV
  • Euresys Picolo
  • MRT Video Port (PCMCIA)
  • Any card which fully supports the Video for Windows API

Practice Integration

Practice Management Integration provides the logical way to streamline your practice. With the Medmont Studio package the practitioner is now able to store perimetry, topography, and digital imaging results in a format that is more easily accessible. The negates the need for multiple patient entry and improves markedly the efficiency of the practices.

Full integration with the major practice management databases is available, and the access of data over a network means that you are not confined to viewing information from the PC that is running the equipment. (For more information on integration click here to visit the Medmont website.)

Familiar User Interface

The explorer style interface allows easy navigation and review of patient results and direct access to all functionality at all times. Swamp from image manipulation to reviewing test results or editing patient details with a single mouse click. Multiple images can be displayed with a wide variety of options including thumbnails.

Sophisticated Image Processing

  • Smooth Zooming
  • Contrast Stretching/Equalisation
  • Image Sharpening
  • De-Interlacing
  • Image Import/Export
  • RGB and HSL Histogram Stretching

Multiple Display Options

  • Full Screen
  • Thumbnails
  • Image Details

Flexible Exam/Patient Cross Referencing

  • User Defined Exam Types
  • Exam/Patient Comments
  • Database Filtering and Sorting

Smart Import/Export Facilities

  • Export images as Windows Bitmap (.bmp) or Web standard JPEG (.jpg) formats. Choose your own level of compression for JPEGs
  • Use Drag-and-Drop to Import external images into DV2000 exams
  • Bulk import functions allow for importing a large number of external images in a single operation

For more information on the Medmont DV2000 Digital Imaging contact Randy Kojima

Canadian Practitioners:
Medmont Instruments and Software have been recently (re)classified as Class II medical devices in Canada, and they are temporarily unavailable at this time. We are currently working with Health Canada to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals for Class II medical devices. Please contact us, if you have any questions.