Quick, reliable and very user friendly

MEDMONT M700 Automated Perimeter

The Medmont M700 Automated Perimeter is designed with a partial hemisphere to reduce the possibility of a patient experiencing claustrophobia while taking the test.

The stimulus in the Medmont M700 Automated Perimeter is LED unlike other instruments which are projection. This eliminates the need for calibration for the life of the intrument. The light output also remains constant. There is no annoying noise to distract the patient with LED stimulus. There are also no moving parts so you will not have to deal with a maintenance contract which saves your practice money.

The Medmont M700 Automated Perimeter is very user friendly and the operator does not need to remain continuously present during the test because the fixation is continuously monitored by the software therefore repeated fixation errors result in automatic rechecking of the blind spot. If the blind spot is not located the test stops. This means a very quick learning curve for the staff and it also frees up staff temporarily to attend to other office needs.

The Medmont M700 Automated Perimeter is very easy to use.

The Medmont M700 Automated Perimeter full threshold test 30-2 is performed in 4-6 minutes which is equal to or slightly faster than the Humphreys 24-2 test.

In a recent article by Landers, Sharma, Goldberg and Graham published in the British Journal of Opthamology states "we conclude that Medmont and Humphrey perimeter correlated favourably with one another, and therefore, both may be used for clinical and research purposes with similiar confidence."

The Medmont family of fine instruments which includes the E300 Corneal Topographer, M700 Automated Perimeter, AT 20 visual function tester, and DV 2000 digital imaging, are all sofware driven to minimize obsolescence, and virtually eliminates the need for annual service contracts and maintenance. The E300 Corneal Topographer, M700 Perimeter, and DV 2000 digital imaging instruments can also be linked together in the sophisticated Medmont Studio database which allows you to manage your patients more quickly and efficiently. You can also integrate many existing practice management databases with the Medmont Studio which allows you to manage your patients more effectively to save you time and money.

Robin Simpson, O.D. a Vancouver practitioner stated "I bought both the Medmont Corneal Topographer and the Automated Perimeter and they are one of the best investments that I have ever made for the practice. Both instruments save my practice time and money every day. The person in the office that does the visual fields says it's the easiest instrument she has ever worked with and she has been doing fields for many years with many different visual field instruments."

For more information on the M700 Automated Perimeter contact Randy Kojima randy@ptsoptics.com