The Pioneers


Dr. Mountford Dip. App. Sc., FAAO, FVCO, FCLS

John Mountford graduated from the Optometry program at the Queensland University of Technology in 1975. He entered private practice and specializes in advanced contact lens applications for keratoconus, post keratoplasty and refractive surgery, pediatric aphakia, cosmetic and corrective PMMA and gas permeable sclerals and orthokeratology.

He has published research papers on Silicone lenses, Polarized biomicroscopy, gas permeable scleral lenses and the corneal responses to orthokeratology in peer review journals. He has also published a chapter on orthokeratology in the 4th edition of Phillips and Speedwells “Contact Lenses” and is currently writing a definitive text-book on orthokeratology for Butterworth-Heinemman.

He is a Visiting Lecturer in contact lenses to the QUT, University of New South Wales Master of Optometry Course (Advanced Contact Lens Studies) and a subject contributor to the Advanced Clinical Optometry course at the University of Melbourne. He has lectured world-wide on contact lenses and orthokeratology, and is the first Optometrist ever invited to lecture at a conference of the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists.

He received the prestigious Hamlyn R Brier Award for Clinical Excellence from the Queensland OAA, and is the only private practitioner to ever receive a research award from the National Cornea and Contact Lens Research Foundation.

He is the President of the Orthokeratology Society of Australia, and a Past President of the Contact Lens Society, both for Queensland and Australia.

He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, the Victorian College of Optometry and a Foundation Fellow of the Contact Lens Society.


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Dr. Don Noack, Dip Opt. (W.A.)

Graduated in optometry from U. of Western Australia and practiced for many years in his home town of Perth.  Dr. Noack is quick to point out that he is a “Western” Australian as opposed to a “Easterner”. 

His interests in contact lens design and development drew him into the manufacturing field where he has spent many years with a number of companies around the world.  In addition, Dr. Noack has owned his own contact lens manufacturing labs in Australia over the years.

Dr. Noack is well known in the manufacturing field for many of his contact lens designs dating back to the 70’s, many of which are still in production today.  He also has a keen interest in computers and was one of the first manufacturers to develop software specifically for contact lens design and fabrication.

Today Dr. Noack maintains a private practice in Brisbane, AU. In addition, he serves as a technical consultant to a contact lens manufacturing company also in Brisbane.  However, it may be argued that Dr. Noack spends most of his time with the BE.  He is responsible for delevloping the BE algorithms and continues to focus his efforts on improving the system as a whole.