Getting Started with
BE Retainer

Practitioners must meet the following criteria before BE Retainers can be ordered:

1) Education

Canada / USA Only

There is a requirement imposed by the HPFB (Health Product Food Branch of Health Canada) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States) that all practitioners are certified to a minimum standard of orthokeratology education. To meet this requirement, BE Enterprises and Bausch & Lomb have made an online certification course and test available. It takes around 15 minutes to review and complete the certification course.

Take the BE/VST Certification course


BE Enterprises also has more comprehensive educational materials that we recommend all practitioners work through. There is a test included at the end. Practitioners in some regions will be required to fax in the completed test for certification to fit the BE Retainer.

Download the course and test.

2) Topographer

The BE Retainer can ONLY be fit from topography data.  In addition, a topographer should be considered necessary and standard equipment for EVERY practicing orthokeratologist. The recommended topographer is the Medmont E300 which has been proven to give the most accurate data for the needs of the BE Retainer.  (See topography requirements for more information)

3) BE Retainer Starter Pack

To fit the BE Retainer, practitioners need to purchase the BE Retainer Starter Pack which includes the BE Retainer software program and a 25 retainer diagnostic fitting set. The software program assists practitioners in determining the initial trial BE Retainer to be used, problem solving and the final BE Retainer parameter selection.  The fitting set confirms the accuracy of the topographical data, patient fit and physiological response.  Trial BE Retainer fitting is essential to first fit success and therefore to the reduction of material and lab costs.