Optimal NOT Accelerated Orthokeratology

The BE Retainer is a totally unique Optimal Orthokeratology RGP retainer for the correction of modest myopia and low amounts of astigmatic error.  The design and technology behind the BE Retainer is attributable to years of research by optometrists Dr. John Mountford, Dip.App.Sc., F.A.A.O., F.C.L.S.A. and Dr. Don Noack, Dip.Opt. (W.A.), from Brisbane, Australia.

The BE Retainer is described by its designer, Dr. Mountford, as follows:

  1. The BE Retainer is NOT based on a fitting relationship wherein the Base Curve Optic Zone Radius (BOZR) of the retainer is determined by the refractive change required.  This is the “Jessen Factor”, in that if a 2.00D Rx change is required, the BOZR of the retainer is 2.00D flatter than K and/or has an extra 0.50-0.75D “compression” factor added.  The Jessen Factor has not been scientifically validated.  The BE Retainer is not based on this model.

  2. The BE Retainer is designed using topographical data only.  Each retainer is individually designed to the patients individual corneal topography.

  3. The BE Retainer uses a scientifically validated predictive program that relates corneal shape to refractive change.

  4. The BE Retainer is designed to control the fluid forces in the tear layer to cause controlled and predictable corneal shape and refractive change.

  5. The BE Retainer is designed by an amalgamation of corneal shape and squeeze film forces.  The retainer is, in effect, the platform that produces a required tear layer profile for an individual corneal shape that produces squeeze film forces that effectively control epithelial redistribution causing the desired refractive change.

  6. The BE Retainer is supplied with a diagnostic computer program that refines the retainer design to increase first fit ñ fit success.

  7. The BE Retainer is not a true reverse geometry or 4-curve retainer design.  The back surface geometry is unique.

  8. The BE Retainer comes with a fully integrated computer fitting program designed to assist in not only diagnostic retainer determination but also problem solving and retainer refinement.

  9. The BE Retainer is not limited to specific diameters.

  10. The BE Retainer employs a unique tangential periphery curve combined with a hyperbolic curve to give a truly conformal edge design.