A Fitting System

The BE Retainer design is a unique modern optimal orthokeratology retainer. Each BE Retainer is custom fit to the patient’s specific corneal shape which can only be determined by topographical information. The BE Retainer is supplied with a computer program to aid the orthokeratologists in trial retainer determination, problem solving and custom retainer construction. The BE Retainer design is highly complex in architecture and formulation, however, it is a scientifically validated retainer with an exceptional degree of accuracy and reproducibility.

It is critical to the success of the BE Retainer that practitioners clearly understand the concepts and forces at work. In addition, the success of Optimal Orthokeratology therapy in general is based on the education, experience and professionalism of each individual orthokeratologist. It is for this reason that we support BE/Optimal Orthokeratology certification courses. This is to ensure that each BE orthokeratologist meets a minimum standard of Optimal Orthokeratology education and BE Retainer specific knowledge. It is also an FDA requirement that each practitioner complete additional orthokeratology education.

The BE Retainer requires corneal shape data that can only be measured by a topographer. In addition, evaluating post therapy changes to the cornea are imperative to problem solving. It would be impossible to practice BE Optimal Orthokeratology without one! It would also be near impossible to diagnose and correct poor BE Optimal Orthokeratology results without this valuable instrument.

The following sections outline the BE Retainer design, fitting procedure and requirements. There are also profiles of the developers of the BE Retainer, Dr.'s John Mountford and Don Noack.