What are other people saying about it?

Cassandra Boon,
Canadian National Downhill Champion

"This procedure has improved my performance and reduced my stress level. I no longer worry about wind, mud or debris dislodging my contact lens while racing down the mountain at 50 km per hour!"

Peter De Visser,
Senior Partner, De Visser Gray Chartered Accountants

"I no longer suffer from dry, tired eyes. It is great to be free of contact lenses."

Kelsey Lee Gilson,
age 14, Magee Secondary School

I am so happy that I do not have to wear my glasses any more! I can see clearly all day long."

Sam Ireland,
Haiku, Hawaii

"The BE Retainer is awesome! After windsurfing all over the world in high winds and blowing dust and sand, my contacts would always trouble me.  Not to mention, having them flip and fall out all the time.  This was very inconvenient in a World Cup final!!  Now with BE Retainers, my eyes are totally free during the day.  I can open my eyes under water for the first time ever and my vision is 100% clear!  I also surf and play beach V-ball and it is unbelievable how much better it is with the BE Retainer. I would highly recommend Ortho-K to anyone who lives an active lifestyle and doesn't want the complications of eye surgery."