Selecting the right practitioner for you.

Selecting the right practitioner
Choosing a certified Optimal Orthokeratologist is the first step to obtaining the best application of OOK therapy. It is important that you seek out a qualified person with the required level of education, experience, and diagnostic equipment. Orthokeratology, like any other medical therapy should never be attempted by the uneducated, unqualified, or under equipped person. OOK is safe and reversible in the hands of a qualified practitioner, in the hands of an unqualified practitioner there is a risk of permanent and irreversible effects to your eye and vision.

The qualified practioners nearest you can be found here. These specialists are optometrists or opthamologists who have obtained additional specialized education, and have invested in the necessary tools to practice this complex therapy.

  • An optometrist or opthalmologist
  • Minimum of 13 hours OOK education
  • Corneal Topographer (instrument to measure the shape of your eyes)
  • Diagnostic Kits (retainers to test and measure the effects of therapy)

  • It is helpful to select someone close to your home or area of work. During the initial stages of therapy, you will make numerous vists to the office. In addition, morning vists, following the overnight wear of diagnostic lenses may require you to be escorted into the practice if you need to drive.

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