Only a few easy steps
and you are done.

Choose a Practitioner
Choosing a certified Optimal Orthokeratologist is the first step to obtaining the best application of OOK therapy. We maintain a database of qualified practitioners to assist you in choosing one near you. How do I choose?

The selected practitioner will be able to evaluate whether you are a suitable candidate. OOK therapy can be successfully applied to a broad selection of population with myopia or astigmatism but isn't right for everyone. Tell me more about the evaluation.

Overnight Trial
After a positive evaluation, you will be fitted with a trial retainer. This diagnostic retainer is designed to assist the OOK specialist in confirming that the therapy will be successful for you, and aids the practitioner in determining the final parameters to meet your comfort, fit, and visual needs. Tell me more about the trial.

Custom Fitting
If the OOK specialist is satisfied with the results of the trial, custom retainers designed and manufactured. This retainer will be comfortable, provide a healthy fit, and most importantly, achieve our goal of the correct shape change for vision correction. Within a day or two you see perfectly, without any aid. Tell me more about the custom fitting.

Follow Up
A series of follow up visits will be necessary to monitor your progress. Your retainer may need professional cleaning, or replacement. You may also be able to go on a reduced wear schedule, where you are not required to wear the retainer daily to retain the vision correction effects. Tell me more about the follow up.