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What is OOK? An Overview
Optimal Orthokeratology (OOK) is a vision correction therapy for patients with moderate myopia (nearsightedness) and low amounts of astigmatism. A retainer, worn at night, manipulates the fluid forces of the tear layer in your eye to reshape your eye's outer surface. (By tear layer, we mean, of course, the layer of clear salty lubricating liquid in your eye, the same liquid that is in tear drops when one cries.) Tell me more.

Am I a candidate for OOK therapy?
OOK Therapy is suitable for a broad base of the population that requires vision correction. If you have light to moderate myopia, or a small amount of astigmatism you may be a good candidate. Candidacy Requirements.

How does it Work?
While sleeping, an OOK retainer, via fluid pressure, gently reshapes the "lens" of your eye improving its focussing power. When you waken and remove the retainer your eye retains this improved shape throughout the day, delivering natural unassisted 20/20 vision. You can reverse the effects by ceasing to wear the retainer, and your eye will gradually return to its natural shape. Tell me more.

What is the Therapy Process?
The therapy process begins with a review of your particular requirements and a trial to ensure the retainer is compatible with your eyes. Next custom retainers are manufactured based on a topographical map of your cornea. Your vision improves dramatically the first night with the retainers! Finally a series of follow up visits with your practitioner will monitor your progress. More Detail.

Where I go from here?
Check out our database of OOK Certified Practitioners to locate one near you. Click here to go directly to our database lookup form. No personal information is required.